Friday, February 10, 2012

DAMYAN29's Artistic Photography Entries for the "This Was - This Is" Contest 2012, Budapest, Hungary

  • ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST "This Was. This Is." 2012. "Label your past, mark your present!" DAMYAN29's 5 entries. SEE THE IMAGES ABOVE.

  • THEME OF THE CONTEST: What part does the past play in our present? "This was. This is." aims to incite reflection on the importance of things and ideas considered "historical" within our lives in the Europe of 2011. People from different backgrounds are encouraged to ponder the meaning of "history" and engage in a lively international dialogue on conceptions of the past and present.

  • The project calls for participants to designate things, buildings, ideas, etc. from their everyday lives as "this was" or "this is", take a picture and post it on this website. The users of the website can either take part actively and upload photos, or they can just rate, flag and comment on other contributions. We are interested in the opinion of the generation that experienced the changes after 1989, as well as the generation born after the regime change, as they have different perspectives on "Old Europe" as well as their local, national, and regional history.

  • "This was. This is." is designed as a project that will allow for maximum democratic involvement, enabling participants to find their own approaches and answers – be they biographically inspired or dealing with the complex issues of greater historical narratives. Thus there is no jury decision about the best contributions, but the Users decide together about the winners! The project aims to show that history can be the object of dialogue and lead to a mutual understanding instead of causing tension and conflict.

  • We want to incite discussion and enable a young European audience to understand different views on the past and present as shareable and debatable.

  • Please feel free to share your ideas, thoughts, tastes & express your opinion on Damyan29's artistic photography.