Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Narcissus with a Peacock. In "Neo-Nouveau"/Jugendstil Style.

Inspired from Greek mythology the central figure of the painting , Narcissus, appears with a Peacock, a proeminent Art Nouveau bird-symbol (sublime beauty), craving his beauty. Such giants of Jugendstil like Alfonse Mucha (czech) and Gustav Klimt (austrian) played a key role as sources of inspiration for this painting.

I also used 2 titans that flank the composition on both sides on decorative nouveau frame as symbols of strength, protection, durability drawn from a neo-renaissance style facade of one of the beautiful buildings in the "Vynohrady" (grapes) district in Prague. I present the full colour and a tinted black-and-white variation of the painting.

"Narcissus with a Peacock" 2009. Neo-Nouveau
Medium: Mixed Medium, Watercolour, coloured pens, coloured inks on Art paper.
Dimensions: 420 x 550 mm
Place of Creation: Prague, Czech Republic
Availability: Original Available; LTD Signed Reproductions.