Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Prague - The European Capital, The City Jewel" (2007)

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"Prague - The European Capital, Jewel City" (2007) by Damyan TwoNine
Dimensions: A3 size : 420 x 297 mm
Support/Medium/Technique: Pencil and black ink on Goznak Art Paper, Rapidograph.
Place of Creation: Prague, Czech Republic
Availability: Original Sold (Private Collection, USA)
LTD Signed Reproductions/Prints of any size Available.
Comment: I used the image of "The Girl" (dreaming) from Glustav Klimt's painting (one of the main and most attractive paintings exhibited in Prague's Museum of Modern Arts [Veletrzny Palac]), as Europa - the Goddess on the background of European Continent (with all the stars as symbols locating the capitals of each European Country, while the Girl's Numb : The Symbol of EU = 12 stars "beatify" her into Saint Mary, mother of Jesus, where the EU flag derives from) in the top part; also the darker shaped countries on the European map show the EU members, and the lighter ones, the states outside EU community. After that zooming into Czech State shape with the shape of Prague as seen from the space in it's center, and the river flowing under the famous panorama of Prague with bridges (5 bridges on here, the second lower bridge: the Charles Bridge) over Vltava (Moldau) river and ending in the bottom part with a Prague map graphisme.

"Prague - The European Capital, Jewel City" (2007) (Fragment)