Friday, February 6, 2009

Examples of Portraits of Famous People In Various Interiors

~~~ Angelina Jolie. Jennifer Lopez Portraits by Damyan. Office Walls. ~~~

~~~ Amy Winehouse Mosaique by Damyan. Conference Hall ~~~

~~~ Madonna. Art Deco face Blow Up by Damyan. Hotel Lounge. ~~~

~~~ Madonna, Art Deco Portrait by Damyan. Conference Hall 2. ~~~
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Monday, February 2, 2009

Damyan's Conceptual Modular Art

"Author's Desilusion" by Damyan. 2008. 1200 x 500 mm

Here Damyan presents his new graphic works made of modules. The Conception presents modular constructions revealing one or another image, idea, expression, thought. The "Author's Desilusion" graphic work is done with repetitive samples of the cover image of a book, showing the state of soul of Desilusioned author, or its heroes. The work reveals Damyan's world, deep, unfolded and full of desilusion, desilusion being here a dominant mood.

"Food Constellation. Golden Modules" 2008. by Damyan.

Photo-Modular. 600 x 600 mm

The work "Food Constellation. Golden Modules" is techniquely done diffrently; but in the same creative period dominated by modular art. Inspired by bidimensional electronic 16 bit images space, the black background showing the space, and Golden points eliminating the produced stars made of food. "We are all made of stars" sang recently Moby. Damyan here illustrates his philosophy of circulation of matter in this world/universe. Human beings representing the Stars made of Food, eliminated by Golden Modules.
The logical link between the "Generating/Productive Golden Modules" and the human beings, being Stars, is reversed according to ancient concept of unity between the running lama and the jaguar hunting it. The Lama in the moment of desperate escape feels allready a part of jaguar. The victim feels a part of the hunter. So The Golden Modules are a Product of Creative Human Stars. As people will perish, but Art - as Golden Values created by them will live eternally. Ars Longa - Vita Brevis (roman proverb).
More than that : This Art then will contribute to give birth to new "stars", who will continue this neverstopping process of creation and contemplation through creation. This is the hidden sense illustrated by the Artist Damyan. Hope you'll enjoy the works.

Damyan's Submission for "KRAKOZYABRA" Exhibition in a Brussels Art Gallery

"Krakozyabra Themes" (fantastic creatures, jokes, cartoons, children illustration and similar, also abstract works); That's how its called the next exhibition in Gabrichidze Gallery in Brussels. After long walks and unforgettable experiences tasting the best (belgian) cakes in the world, Damyan has visited the gallery situated not far from Brussels' centre. The exibition starts on the 26th of February. Come and visit Gabrichidze Gallery. Rue du Plentickx. 32. Brussels