Friday, November 14, 2008

FRIEND's Review of the New Damyan's Exhibition at Nouvum Hotel

The Novum Hotel is a new Hotel opened in Prague in 2007.
It has a very interesting and high standard of interior design and the spacious rooms are well decorated and comfortable. The bar and café is very relaxing with nice lighting and a friendly staff.

Recently the hotel opened an exciting and original exhibition of PORTRAIT and GRAPHIC ART by Damyan. He is a young and talented Russian artist living in Prague and many of his works are celebrity portraits, Prague Graphics inspired by Art Deco designs and Celebrity portraits.

All the works on display are signed limited edition copies in mainly A3 format in A2 format frames (42 x 29cm). The originals are often for sale also on request. If you like the style and content of the works on display you may also COMMISSION a portrait or full body drawing/painting of yourself or your partner.

Portraits and Prague Graphics are all mounted and framed and look very good in the halls and rooms of the hotel adding a lot to the character of the interior. Even if you are not staying at the hotel it is worth stopping by for a drink and to look at the exhibition….ask for a card of the artist in case you want to order or commission your own work. NOW is the time to order or purchase for CHRISTMAS as they make wonderful unique and affordable GIFTS for all ages and types of people!!