Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Looking for an Affordable Unique Gift for all Ages and All Occasions?

Many people waste time, money and stress searching for the ideal gift for a loved one or close friend only to find that after all their efforts it is received politely with a feeling that they wish you had not bothered! Others make the mistake of thinking that they need to spend a small fortune to impress the recipient. Look how many gifts were sold on ebay after Xmas! Can you imagine how you would feel if you saw one of the gifts you gave a loved one sold on ebay?!

So read this and STOP making the same mistakes, change your mindset and not only save time and money but also ensure that the recipient of your gift will be happy to receive a unique, personal and lasting present. Think back and ask yourself what really touched you when you received a gift? Was it not often the unexpected gift or the one that showed a lot of thought went into it – the gift that was given with love.

Let me give you an example if I may. I organized and led tours all over the world for international students for many years. I knew as a guide that I would be lucky to get any tips or even presents at the end as schools and students were not expected to do that…….many colleagues working in the adult tours market made much more. I liked the fun and challenge of working with youngsters and the fact that each tour was different and it allowed me to see the world and learn a lot.

You may say to me how can I find that unique meaningful gift as maybe you have or know one of the following:
- a wealthy man who has it all
- a fussy wife who has special tastes
- a teenager who changes his wants list according to the latest fad and fashion
- a well known person or celebrity who you have no idea what to give that will be liked

how about an amazing and beautiful portrait gift according to your specifications (or you can allow the artist to use his creativity and imagination as my portrait artist friend Damyan did when painting many celebrities!). When looking at this portrait artist’s site and seeing that he also does COMMISSIONS and how different and talented he is, I offered to write a page about UNIQUE GIFTS for his website as so many people do not think of ART when looking for unusual and lasting gifts that will mean something to the receiver! Of course the artist has to be talented and also offer something different with a wow factor or you risk the recipient disliking the end result.

Author David Fowler