Saturday, January 12, 2008

The New Year 2008! Looking back to the Sources of Inspiration for the Damyan's Portraits!

Wellcome again Art Lovers to my Blog!
I am a young artist who has experimented with many styles, mediums and graphics in my art work. And in this post i'll be writing about my sources of inspiration for my Original graphic Art and the celebrity portraits and commissions. As without past and the roots and "fathers" and the background of an artist we cannot know and "feel" the artist's world.

My sources of inspiration:

All artists are influenced by their surroundings and in my case, since moving to Prague, I have been inspired by the architecture (specially Art Nouveau and Art Deco), the many bridges and narrow winding lanes giving a medieval atmosphere.

The Czech artist Alfons Mucha (Czech Republic) has many motifs and decorations that I use in my frames and graphic work to give a special finish to my portrait work. I think he was a GENIOUS, like Gustave Klimt (Austrian Secession) who was cultivating Decorative Taste and a New Style in Portraiture. This decorativity ind stylization I think today is looks very actual, and can be used in decorating interiors and designed in art deco BEAUTIFUL style; as decorative stylized portraits can be presented in huge formats and dimensions. This Post is dedicated to Gustave Klimt - One of the most important representatives of Art Nouveau Secession style in the History of Art.

Here are some examples of Gustave Klimt's Major Works that cultivated and influenced my tastes in art: Gustave Klimt's "Music I"

Gustave Klimt's "Hygiea" (first row on the right) The Serpent curves and Decoration, the golden flowers in the goddess' hair are fascinating.

A Very Colourful portrait with an abundance of decorative elements
and graphic figures on the background.

Gustave's Judith - The Brilliant Art Work which is called by many critics "One of the Most Sensual, Erotic and Beautiful Portraits of all times"

I have also produced some interesting graphic posters and collages using this beautiful city and its architecture as an inspiration, that you can see in my previous posts. There are elements of the medieval towers, bridges and also art deco and modernist buildings and decorations.

In the next post i will be speaking about Alfonse Mucha - a very famous representative of Art Nouveau in the Czech Republic - who's style and technique has Influenced and revolutionized my tastes and style. His paintings and Decorative pannels are spread in Galleries all over Europe, and the most beautiful ones but not all... are exposed in Prague Mucha's gallery, together with Salvador Dali's skethes and Prints in one building.
Thanks for your interest and good luck.

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