Wednesday, January 9, 2008

PRAGUE - "Mother of Cities", "Mother of Inspiration"

As I came first time to Prague in autumn of 2006, I was really inspired by it's architecture,
culture! it's often called the Mother of Cities or the European Pearl... or even the Heart of Europe!

I wanted to express my deep feelings for this beautiful city... and as I am an artist, and designer of interiors, furniture and add-print polygraphic design. So I decded to draw some really delicate graphic works in 2 mediums : pencil of different softness and black ink.... Also I created 2 collages with paper cuts of prague... and dedicated them to Prague...

Prague Collage by night (Damyan) 2007

Prague Collage by Day (Damyan) 2007

Graphic Work With Charles Bridge With a Saint Silouete and Franz Kafka with Saint Weceslas on the Horse monument. (Damyan) 2007

Damyan the Celebrity Artist!

Hello Everyone! the first message addressed to All my Blog visitors!

Good Afternoon or night, or morning (evening) to everyone!!!
I'm starting this brand new blog dedicated to my Art in any "shape" it might be presented whatsoever.

Christmas in the magical, fairytale-ish Prague (Czech Republic, Europe). Cold but sunny january in Rio De Janeiro (Brazil, South America), but cold ocean... Niteroi (Brazil) - the Museum of Contemporary Art of Nitroi - beyond time and space, a gem of Modern Architecture.

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