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GRAPHIC ART Inspirations for a Professional Skill Artist

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Today i will reveal my graphic art inspirations and main Artists that I admire in graphic Art. As leonardo Da Vinci said "The Drawing is the Most Important Art and A BASIS for All fine Arts"
So here are some relevant examples of graphic art of Otto Wangner (Austria) and Gustave Klimt(Austria). Their detailed graphic works for decoration of publi buildings, private houses, concert halls, Railway Stations had a lot from the Secession Art deco style, using the principle of filling the particular spaces oif the composition with flowers, vegetal elements, golden and silver accents in expressive stuffed square .

insertments in CONTRAST with empty, simplified stripes and figures of architecture or people.

Gustav Klimt slightly begins to stylize the figures, decorates the Portraits, experiment with painting and sculputre.

This principle is often called "Full-Empty" which makes the Art Deco style stand apart from all the previous tendances in the Fine Arts. The Composition, The Decorative pannel or the portrait with Empty squeare spaces and small stuffed parts with deco elements make the composition fresh, and catches the eye on certain parts of the composition. Stylized deco Fonts rise the expression of Secession and confers the conposition an aspect of Applied Art Work.

Gustav Klimt's Graphic poster for the Secession Exhibition in Wien (Austria). the composition begins to be devided into parts of interest filled with details and empty spaces.

While Klimt - a rebel Artist - who wasn't recognized and was toughly criticised by the leading Professors and Artists did a more bi-dimensional interpretation of the real subjects like landscapes and Woman Figures. The period of Art Nouveau seemed to make the artists perceive the reality otherwise... the perspective was not so important any more. The academic detalisation and the Air perspective, shading and true live colours were not a priority any more.

The Art had allready new horizons and objectives. Art Deco was a hymn for symbols and shapes. The portraits became decorative and slowly evaluated into posters and stylized monumental figurines. very often these figures were simplified into squeare and narrow sculptures on the buildings, designing a new era and conception of Art.

A Very good example of Art deco style and expression of the mood of the time in graphic art are Otto Wagner's Graphic and Architectural projects.

"Vienna" graphic Work overview by Otto Wagner. Otto often used black ink and watercolour for his graphic works. Very detailed and serious realistic approach.

Damyan's graphic Work dedicated to Prague. "Prague The European City". I used the image of the GIRL (dreaming) from Klimt's painting, as Europa - the Goddess on the background of Europe in top, after that zooming into Czech State with famous panorama of Prague with bridges and ending with prague Map graphisme.

Damyan's Graphic Work "Prague - the HEART OF EUROPE - Mater Urbium" Black and White Ink technique on Tinted Grained Paper. Classic book Frame from the Middle Ages. Prague as a HEART on the fading Europe image which transforms into the sky clouds. Prague View with Saint Vitus Cathedral and PRAHA inscription in the bottom part inside the Frame. Work with Middle Ages inspiration.

Damyan's "Pargue - The Heart of Europe" Negative Print Version. Winter version. Prague at Night. A3 size (297 x 420mm).

Monday, January 14, 2008

ALFONSE MUCHA - and his great Talent and Influence on me as an Artist!

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It is really evening becouse the Blog layout design is based on a Black everyday here is dark like in a theatre and the pictures with all my revelations about my art and my sources of inspiration are in CONTRAST! :) Like in a theatre.... A Baroque Contrastant, spectacular scene...... quite romantic isn't it? ;)

Today I will tell you about The FIRST Czech Artist (by all means) as William Hogarth as the Firts Painter in England - ALFONSE MUCHA.
Alphonse Mucha with his decorative posters has become a kind of trademark and synonym for the Art Nouveau movement. In the sixties his

poster reproductions had a revival and were popular again among the flower-power and hippie generation.

Alfons Maria Mucha was born in Ivancice, a small provincial town in the Czech Republic.
He started his artistic career as an autodidact.

Alfons Mucha had a vocational training in stage decorations in Vienna from 1879 to 1881. In the evening he attended a class in drawing. After a few occasional commissions for decorative paintings, he went to Munich in Southern
Bavaria. Here he studied at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts from 1885 to 1887.

After Munich, Mucha moved to the "mecca" of arts, Paris. Here he studied with different teachers. He lived in modest conditions and could survive with small commissions for book and newspaper illustrations. For a short period he shared a studio with Paul Gauguin.

had developed his own personal style-
characterized by art nouveau elements, tender colors and byzantine decorative elements.

And all these elements were ranked around images of fairy like young women with long hair and
splendid, refined costumes. In the coming years, this type of female images should become his trademark. Mucha used lithography as the printing technique for his posters.

The posters are usually signed in the block. Some of his posters were produced as sets like The Four Seasons. Complete sets count among the most searched for of his works.

In 1890 the artist had his first one man show in Paris with 448 works on display. His art work was not confined to the printing media.
He designed tissues, stamps and even bank bills. In 1900 he received a commission by the Austrian
government to decorate the Austrian pavilion for the World Fair in Paris of 1900. He became also

active in designing jewelry.

In the first two decades of the XX-th century Mucha traveled frequently to the United States.

He took commissions in the US and taught art at art academies in New York and Chicago.

In 1939 the German Nazis occupied Czechoslovakia.

The popularity of the artist made him a number one target for the Gestapo, the Nazi secret police. He was arrested, interrogated and realeased. Shortly afterwards, Alphonse Maria Mucha died on July 14, 1939 in Prague.
The city of Prague has dedicated an Alphonse Mucha Museum to the artist.

Damyan - The Celebrities Artist -

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The New Year 2008! Looking back to the Sources of Inspiration for the Damyan's Portraits!

Wellcome again Art Lovers to my Blog!
I am a young artist who has experimented with many styles, mediums and graphics in my art work. And in this post i'll be writing about my sources of inspiration for my Original graphic Art and the celebrity portraits and commissions. As without past and the roots and "fathers" and the background of an artist we cannot know and "feel" the artist's world.

My sources of inspiration:

All artists are influenced by their surroundings and in my case, since moving to Prague, I have been inspired by the architecture (specially Art Nouveau and Art Deco), the many bridges and narrow winding lanes giving a medieval atmosphere.

The Czech artist Alfons Mucha (Czech Republic) has many motifs and decorations that I use in my frames and graphic work to give a special finish to my portrait work. I think he was a GENIOUS, like Gustave Klimt (Austrian Secession) who was cultivating Decorative Taste and a New Style in Portraiture. This decorativity ind stylization I think today is looks very actual, and can be used in decorating interiors and designed in art deco BEAUTIFUL style; as decorative stylized portraits can be presented in huge formats and dimensions. This Post is dedicated to Gustave Klimt - One of the most important representatives of Art Nouveau Secession style in the History of Art.

Here are some examples of Gustave Klimt's Major Works that cultivated and influenced my tastes in art: Gustave Klimt's "Music I"

Gustave Klimt's "Hygiea" (first row on the right) The Serpent curves and Decoration, the golden flowers in the goddess' hair are fascinating.

A Very Colourful portrait with an abundance of decorative elements
and graphic figures on the background.

Gustave's Judith - The Brilliant Art Work which is called by many critics "One of the Most Sensual, Erotic and Beautiful Portraits of all times"

I have also produced some interesting graphic posters and collages using this beautiful city and its architecture as an inspiration, that you can see in my previous posts. There are elements of the medieval towers, bridges and also art deco and modernist buildings and decorations.

In the next post i will be speaking about Alfonse Mucha - a very famous representative of Art Nouveau in the Czech Republic - who's style and technique has Influenced and revolutionized my tastes and style. His paintings and Decorative pannels are spread in Galleries all over Europe, and the most beautiful ones but not all... are exposed in Prague Mucha's gallery, together with Salvador Dali's skethes and Prints in one building.
Thanks for your interest and good luck.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

PRAGUE - "Mother of Cities", "Mother of Inspiration"

As I came first time to Prague in autumn of 2006, I was really inspired by it's architecture,
culture! it's often called the Mother of Cities or the European Pearl... or even the Heart of Europe!

I wanted to express my deep feelings for this beautiful city... and as I am an artist, and designer of interiors, furniture and add-print polygraphic design. So I decded to draw some really delicate graphic works in 2 mediums : pencil of different softness and black ink.... Also I created 2 collages with paper cuts of prague... and dedicated them to Prague...

Prague Collage by night (Damyan) 2007

Prague Collage by Day (Damyan) 2007

Graphic Work With Charles Bridge With a Saint Silouete and Franz Kafka with Saint Weceslas on the Horse monument. (Damyan) 2007

Damyan the Celebrity Artist!

Hello Everyone! the first message addressed to All my Blog visitors!

Good Afternoon or night, or morning (evening) to everyone!!!
I'm starting this brand new blog dedicated to my Art in any "shape" it might be presented whatsoever.

Christmas in the magical, fairytale-ish Prague (Czech Republic, Europe). Cold but sunny january in Rio De Janeiro (Brazil, South America), but cold ocean... Niteroi (Brazil) - the Museum of Contemporary Art of Nitroi - beyond time and space, a gem of Modern Architecture.

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